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  1. 1 expressing one thing in terms normally used for another the word “snake” in its extended sense refers to a contemptible or treacherous person Synonyms figurative, figural, metaphoric (or metaphorical), tropical, tropologicalRelated Words Aesopian (also Aesopic), allegorical, emblematic (also emblematical), symbolic (also symbolical); catachrestic (or catachrestical), sylleptic; euphemistic; nonliteral, veritableNear Antonyms literal; nonsymbolicAntonyms nonfigurative, nonmetaphorical

  2. 2 having considerable extent an extended portion of the valley is now devoted to the growing of grapes for wine Synonyms broad, deep, expansive, extensive, far-flung, far-reaching, rangy, sweeping, wide, wide-ranging, widespreadRelated Words comprehensive, general, global, inclusive; boundless, endless, infinite, limitless, unlimited; capacious, commodious, roomy, spaciousNear Antonyms circumscribed, limited, restrictedAntonyms narrow

  3. 3 lasting for a considerable time I've met her, but I have never had an extended conversation with her Synonyms long, far, great, lengthy, long-drawn-out (or long-drawn), long-lived, long-termRelated Words aeonian (or aeonic), endless, everlasting, interminable, persistent; longish, overlong, prolonged, protracted; permanent; all-day, all-night; multiday, multiyearNear Antonyms abrupt, sudden; abbreviated, condensed, curtailed, shortened; ephemeral, fleeting, momentary, transient, transitory; impermanent; short-rangeAntonyms brief, little, mini, short, shortish, short-lived, short-term

  4. 4 of great extent from end to end the two armies clashed along an extended line of battle that stretched for miles Synonyms elongate (or elongated), long, king-size (or king-sized), lengthyRelated Words extensive, far-reaching, longish, outstretched; oblong, rectangular; big, biggish, considerable, hefty, hulking, jumbo, large, largish, overscale (or overscaled), oversize (or oversized), sizable (or sizeable), substantial, superNear Antonyms abbreviated, abridged, curtailed, diminished, shortened; bitty, diminutive, little, miniature, minute, puny, small, smallish, teeny, tiny, undersized (also undersize), weeAntonyms brief, curt, short, shortish

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