elaborate on


Synonyms and Antonyms of elaborate on

  1. 1 to add to the interest of by including made-up details my friend tends to elaborate on his hiking experiences, turning an ordinary walk in the woods into a hair-raising adventure Synonyms color, embroider (on), embellish, exaggerate, hyperbolize, magnify, pad, stretchRelated Words dress up, gussy up; amplify, enhance, enlarge (on or upon), expand, flesh (out); fudge, hedge; overdo, overdraw, overemphasize, overplay, overstate; emphasize, play up, stress; caricature; satirizeNear Antonyms belittle, minimize, play down, understate

  2. 2 to express more fully and in greater detail the candidate for governor refused to elaborate on how she would balance the state's budget Synonyms amplify, develop, dilate (on or upon), expand (on), enlarge (on or upon), flesh (out)Related Words add (to), complement, supplement; discourse, expatiate, ramble, run onNear Antonyms compress, contract; outline, summarize, sum upAntonyms abbreviate, abridge, condense, shorten

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a favoring of the simplest explanation

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