Synonyms and Antonyms of unappeasable

  1. 1 incapable of being satisfied it turned out that the public's appetite for sadistic horror movies was not unappeasable after all Synonyms inappeasable, inextinguishable, insatiate, quenchless, insatiable, unquenchable, unslakableRelated Words unappeased, unsatisfied; avid, rapacious, ravenous, voracious; demanding, exigent, importunate, insistent, urgent; clamorous, crying, pressing, yearningNear Antonyms satiate, satiated, satisfied; controlled, curbed, restrainedAntonyms appeasable, extinguishable, satiable, satisfiable

  2. 2 showing no signs of slackening or yielding in one's purpose warned that the nation was dealing with an unappeasable enemy Synonyms determined, dogged, grim, implacable, relentless, unyielding, unflinching, unrelentingRelated Words persevering, persistent, tenacious; hard, hardheaded, headstrong, intractable, mulish, obdurate, opinionated, peevish, pertinacious, perverse, pigheaded, self-willed, stubborn, uncooperative, willful (or wilful); merciless, ruthless, unforgivingNear Antonyms slackening, softening, yielding; impotent, invertebrate, slack, spineless, weak; complaisant, obliging, pliable, pliant

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