Synonyms and Antonyms of inextinguishable

  1. 1 impossible to destroy freedom remains an inextinguishable dream for people around the world Synonyms imperishable, indestructibleRelated Words incorruptible; deathless, immortal, perpetual, undying; indelible, indissoluble, ineffaceable, ineradicable, inexpungible; durable, enduring, everlasting, lasting, permanent, unbreakable; strong, sturdy, toughNear Antonyms mortal; impermanent, transient, transitory; breakable, delicate, flimsy, fragile, frailAntonyms destructible, extinguishable, perishable

  2. 2 incapable of being satisfied possesses an inextinguishable optimism that the voters find very appealing Synonyms inappeasable, insatiable, insatiate, quenchless, unappeasable, unquenchable, unslakableRelated Words unappeased, unsatisfied; avid, rapacious, ravenous, voracious; demanding, exigent, importunate, insistent, urgent; clamorous, crying, pressing, yearningNear Antonyms satiate, satiated, satisfied; controlled, curbed, restrainedAntonyms appeasable, extinguishable, satiable, satisfiable

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