Synonyms and Antonyms of relation

  1. 1 relations pl  doings between individuals or groups <relations between the rival newspapers remained friendly despite their competition for the same stories> Synonyms commerce, dealings, interaction, intercourse Related Words interrelationship; cross-fertilization, cross-pollination; companionship, company Antonyms nonintercourse

  2. 2 a person connected with another by blood or marriage <he and I are relations on my mother's side> Synonyms cousin, kin, kinsman, relativeRelated Words in-law; kissing cousin; kinswoman; blood, clan, family, folk, house, kindred, kinfolk (or kinfolks), kinsfolk, line, lineage, people, race, stock, tribeAntonyms nonrelative

  3. 3 the fact or state of having something in common <there's no relation between you losing your favorite baseball hat and your team losing the game> Synonyms affinity, association, bearing, kinship, liaison, linkage, connection, relationshipRelated Words correlation, interrelation; materiality, pertinence, relevance; bond, link, tie; affiliation, alliance, union; identicalness, sameness; alikeness, community, likeness, resemblance, similarity; accordance, agreement, conformity, congruity, correspondenceNear Antonyms variability, variance; incompatibility, incongruence, incongruity, incongruousness

  4. 4 the state of having shared interests or efforts (as in social or business matters) <our intramural baseball team had a relation with the other baseball teams in the area> Synonyms affiliation, alliance, collaboration, confederation, connection, cooperation, hookup, liaison, linkup, partnership, association, relationship, tie-up, unionRelated Words business, dealings, interaction; exchange, interconnection, interrelation, mutualism, reciprocity, symbiosis; incorporation, integration, merger, unification; affinity, attachment, closeness, intimacy, rapport, sympathy; kinship, oneness, solidarity, togetherness, unity; colleagueship, companionship, company, fellowship; bed, cahoots, leagueNear Antonyms breakup, dissolution, disunion; division, parting, separation, severance, split; alienation, divorce, estrangementAntonyms disaffiliation, dissociation

  5. 5 relations pl  sexual union involving penetration of the vagina by the penis <a law that prohibits relations between close relatives> Synonyms coition, coitus, commerce, congress, copulating, copulation, coupling, intercourse, lovemaking, mating, relations, sex, sex act, sexual relationsRelated Words fornication; safe sex; carnality, sexuality; breeding, insemination; dalliance, hanky-panky, whoopee

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