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  1. 1 folks pl  a group of persons who come from the same ancestor her folks have farmed that land for five generations Synonyms blood, clan, folks, house, kin, kindred, kinfolk (or kinfolks), kinsfolk, line, lineage, people, race, stock, tribeRelated Words blended family, nuclear family; extended family, household, kith; brood; descendant (also descendent), issue, offspring, progeny, scion, seed; clansman, kinsman, kinswoman, relative; dynastyNear Antonyms ancestry, birth, descent, extraction, origin, pedigree

  2. 2 one of the segments of society into which people are grouped the working-class folk with no airs or pretentions Synonyms caste, estate, class, gentry, order, stratumRelated Words bracket, echelon, grade, layer, level, tier; place, position, rank, standing, status; food chain, grouping, hierarchy, stratification; clan, family, fraternity, people, race, tribe; subcaste

  3. 3 folks pl  human beings in general c'mon, folks, let's get to work Synonyms folks, humanity, humankind, public, species, worldRelated Words community, society; crowd, masses, mob, populace, proletariat, rabble, rabblement, riffraff

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