peck at


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  1. to subject (someone) to constant scoldings and sharp reminders kept pecking at their prodigal daughter to get off the couch and to start looking for a job Synonyms dog, henpeck, hound, needle, nag (at)Related Words carp (at), fuss (about or over), nitpick; annoy, badger, bait, bother, bug, chivy (or chivvy), harass, harry, hassle, irk, pester, plague, ride, vex, yap (at); egg, goad, incite, prod, prompt, spur, urge; exhort, insist, press, pressure, push; blandish, cajole, coax, wheedle; beg, importune, pleadNear Antonyms compliment; commend, laud, praise, recommend, tout; acclaim, applaud, build up, eulogize, extol (also extoll)

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to criticize severely

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