Synonyms and Antonyms of grease

  1. 1 to coat (something) with a slippery substance in order to reduce friction make sure you grease the pan before you put the batter in Synonyms lubricate, oil, slick, waxRelated Words bathe, douse (also dowse), drench, soak, souse, wash, water, wetNear Antonyms coarsen, rough, roughen; dehydrate, dry, parch, sear

  2. 2 to free from obstruction or difficulty your help might grease the complicated adoption proceedings Synonyms facilitate, ease, loosen (up), smooth, unclogRelated Words accelerate, expedite, hasten, hurry, quicken, rush, speed; advance, forward, further, promote; abet, aid, assist, help, improve; disentangle, straighten (out), untangle; simplify, streamlineNear Antonyms hinder, impede; retard; aggravate, worsen; perplex, sophisticateAntonyms complicate

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