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  1. 1 to hold the attention of enwrapped in my own reverie, I failed to notice the coworker standing outside my cubicle Synonyms absorb, bemuse, busy, catch up, engross, enthrall (or enthral), engage, fascinate, grip, immerse, interest, intrigue, involve, occupyRelated Words allure, attract, beguile, bewitch, captivate, charm, enchant, obsess; hypnotize, mesmerize; distract, preoccupy; hog, monopolizeNear Antonyms bore, jade, pall, tire, weary

  2. 2 to surround or cover closely an air of serene self-satisfaction enwraps the leafy, well-to-do suburb Synonyms bosom, bower, circumfuse, cocoon, embosom, embower, embrace, enclose (also inclose), encompass, enshroud, enswathe, envelop, enfold, invest, involve, lap, mantle, muffle, shroud, swathe, veil, wrapRelated Words curtain, drape; embed (also imbed), encase; swaddle; blanket, overlay, overspread; camouflage, cloak, disguise, mask; circle, encircle, enlace, enwindNear Antonyms bare, denude, expose, strip

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