Synonyms and Antonyms of FLY

to move through the air with or as if with outstretched wings <the Wright brothers realized mankind's age-old wish to fly>
Synonyms aviate, glide, plane, soar, wing
to get free from a dangerous or confining situation <you must fly to safety immediately>
to proceed or move quickly <flew down the concourse to catch his flight>
Near Antonyms dally, dawdle, dillydally, drag, hang (around or out), lag, linger, loiter, poke, tarry; amble, lumber, plod, saunter, shuffle, stroll; decelerate, slow (down or up)
Antonyms crawl, creep, poke
to hasten away from something dangerous or frightening <no one in the movies ever thinks to fly from the ax murderer and immediately call the police>
Related Words abscond, clear out, decamp, elope, escape, get (away), get out, lam, light out, make off, mizzle [chiefly British], scarper [British], scat, scram, skip (out), skirr
to cease to be visible <the morning mist had flown, and a sparkling sea lay before us>
Related Words blank (out), clear, die (away or down or out), disperse, dissipate, dissolve, dry up; blur, dim
to withstand scrutiny and gain acceptance or approval <the familiar Because I said so! is a reason that won't fly with most teenagers>
Synonyms fly, hold up, pass, stand up

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