Synonyms and Antonyms of APPEAR

to come into view <a police car appeared just as I ran a red light>
Near Antonyms depart, leave, retire, withdraw
Antonyms clear, disappear, dissolve, evanesce, evaporate, fade, go (away), melt (away), vanish
to give the impression of being <it appears that he doesn't hear you>
Synonyms act, appear, come across (as), come off (as), feel, look, make, sound
to come into existence <the benefits of the exercise program should appear almost immediately>
Antonyms cease, end, stop
to get to a destination <a friend who daily manages to appear at our door just as dinner is being served>
Related Words fetch, hit, make, reach; pull in, touch down; debark, disembark; barge (in), blow in, breeze (in), burst (in or into), waltz (in); check in, clock (in)
Near Antonyms check out, clock (out); flee, vamoose
Antonyms go, leave


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