verb ar·rive \ə-ˈrīv\

: to come to or reach a place after traveling, being sent, etc.

of a day, season, time, etc. : to happen or begin

of a baby : to be born


Full Definition of ARRIVE

intransitive verb
a :  to reach a destination
b :  to make an appearance <the guests have arrived>
a archaic :  happen
b :  to be near in time :  come <the moment has arrived>
:  to achieve success
ar·riv·er noun
arrive at
:  to reach by effort or thought <arrived at a decision>

Examples of ARRIVE

  1. He arrived home at six o'clock.
  2. We had some dinner before arriving at the station.
  3. When do you expect them to arrive in Boston?
  4. Their flight is due to arrive at 11:30.
  5. The train from New York is now arriving.
  6. They arrived late at the party.
  7. The mail hasn't arrived yet.
  8. The new version of the software has finally arrived in stores.
  9. There's always a lot to do when spring arrives.
  10. When is their baby expected to arrive?

Origin of ARRIVE

Middle English ariven, from Anglo-French ariver, from Vulgar Latin *arripare to come to shore, from Latin ad- + ripa shore — more at rive
First Known Use: 13th century


noun ar·ri· \ˌa-ri-ˈvā\

Definition of ARRIVÉ

:  one who has risen rapidly to success, power, or fame

Origin of ARRIVÉ

French, from past participle of arriver to arrive, from Old French ariver
First Known Use: 1925

Rhymes with ARRIVÉ

Adige, A-OK, alleyway, All Fools' Day, All Saints' Day, All Souls' Day, all the way, anyway, appliqué, Arbor Day, atelier, attaché, back away, ballonet, bang away, Bastille Day, Beaujolais, beta ray, beurre manié, BHA, blow away, botonée, Boxing Day, breakaway, break away, Bristol Bay, bustier, by the way, cabaret, cableway, Camagüey, canapé, cap-a-pie, Cape Cod Bay, caraway, carriageway, cassoulet, castaway, cathode ray, champlevé, chansonnier, chardonnay, Charolais, chevalier, china clay, cloisonné, cog railway, colorway, Condorcet, consommé, coryphée, cosmic ray, croupier, crudités, cutaway, day-to-day, debauchee, déclassé, dégagé, degree-day, delta ray, démodé, devotee, disarray, disobey, distingué, divorcé, divorcée, DNA, dollar day, double play, draw away, dress-down day, eagle ray, eightfold way, émigré, engagé, entranceway, entremets, entryway, espalier, everyday, exposé, expressway, fadeaway, fallaway, fall away, faraday, Faraday, faraway, fiancé, fiancée, fill away, fire away, flageolet, flyaway, foldaway, gal Friday, gamma ray, garde-manger, Georgian Bay, getaway, girl Friday, giveaway, give away, gratiné, gratinée, Greenaway, Groundhog Day, guillemet, Harare, hell to pay, Hemingway, hereaway, hideaway, hit the hay, HLA, holiday, holy day, Hornaday, Hudson Bay, Hugh Capet, Humboldt Bay, in a way, inter se, interplay, intraday, IPA, IRA, Ise Bay, judgment day, keep-away, kyrie, Labor Day, lackaday, latter-day, layaway, lay away, lingerie, macramé, Mandalay, manta ray, Massenet, matinee, medal play, meet halfway, MIA, Milky Way, Monterrey, Mother's Day, motorway, muscadet, mystery play, negligee, New Year's Day, New York Bay, Nicolet, night and day, Nottaway, off Broadway, Ojibwa, on the way, out of play, overlay, overplay, overstay, overweigh, Paraguay, passageway, pass away, passion play, pepper spray, Petare, photoplay, pikake, pis aller, play-by-play, plug-and-play, popinjay, potter's clay, pourparler, pousse-café, power play, present-day, protégé, protégée, pull away, put away, Put-in-Bay, Rabelais, rack railway, rainy-day, rambouillet, ratiné, recamier, recherché, reconvey, repartee, repoussé, résumé, retroussé, ricochet, right away, right-of-way, rockaway, roentgen ray, rondelet, roundelay, RNA, runaway, run away, Saguenay, salt away, San Jose, Santa Fe, São Tomé, Saturday, satyr play, semplice, Seventh-Day, severance pay, shadow play, sleepaway, sobriquet, sock away, sommelier, square away, steerageway, standaway, stowaway, straightaway, street railway, Table Bay, taboret, tarsier, taxiway, tearaway, tear away, teleplay, Tenebrae, thataway, throwaway, throw away, Thunder Bay, triple play, turn away, Udine, underlay, underpay, underplay, underway, Uruguay, velouté, Venite, vérité, vertebra, virelay, walkaway, Wang Ching-wei, waterway, wellaway, Whitsunday, workaday, working day, Yenisey, Zuider Zee
ARRIVE Defined for Kids


verb ar·rive \ə-ˈrīv\

Definition of ARRIVE for Kids

:  to reach the place started out for <We arrived home at six o'clock.>
:  come 4 <The time to leave finally arrived.>
:  to be born <The baby arrived at noon on Monday.>
arrive at
:  to reach by effort or thought <arrive at a decision>


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