Synonyms and Antonyms of ARISE

to leave one's bed <the travelers arose before dawn and were on their way as the sun came up>
Related Words arouse, awake, awaken, bestir, stir, wake
Near Antonyms catnap, doze, drop off, lie up, nap, nod, rest, sleep, slumber, snooze; bunk, perch, roost, settle; couch, doss (down) [chiefly British], flop (down), lie (down), recline
Antonyms bed (down), retire, turn in
to come to one's attention especially gradually or unexpectedly <note in your report any problems that arise while you are conducting the experiment>
Synonyms come up, crop (up), emerge, materialize, spring (up), surface
to come into existence <it is not known exactly how mammals arose, but scientists date the earliest mammals to the Triassic period>
Antonyms cease, end, stop
to move or extend upward <slowly the hot-air balloon arose, and the round-the-world flight was begun>
Near Antonyms dive, nose-dive, plummet, sink, slide
Antonyms decline, descend, dip, drop, fall (off), plunge


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