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Synonyms and Antonyms of stir

  1. 1 a state of noisy, confused activity <the plane's first jolt caused a stir among the passengers, and by the third one they were in a panic> Synonyms ado, alarums and excursions, ballyhoo, blather, bluster, bobbery, bother, bustle, clatter, clutter [chiefly dialect], coil, corroboree [Australian], disturbance, do [chiefly dialect], foofaraw, fun, furor, furore, fuss, helter-skelter, hoo-ha (also hoo-hah), hoopla, hubble-bubble, hubbub, hullabaloo, hurly, hurly-burly, hurricane, hurry, hurry-scurry (or hurry-skurry), kerfuffle [chiefly British], moil, pandemonium, pother, row, ruckus, ruction, rumpus, shindy, splore [Scottish], squall, stew, stir, storm, to-do, tumult, turmoil, uproar, welter, whirl, williwaw, zooRelated Words cacophony, clamor, din, howl, hue and cry, noise, outcry, racket, roar; disorder, unrest, upheaval; eruption, flare-up, flurry, flutter, outbreak, outburst; brawl, fracas, fray, hassle, melee (also mêlée), scuffle; dither, fever, fret, lather, tizzyNear Antonyms calm, hush, peace, quiet, quietude, rest, stillness, tranquillity (or tranquility); order, orderliness

  2. 2 the act or an instance of changing position <we were warned that the slightest stir would scare the mother bird so we hardly dared to breathe> Synonyms motion, move, shift, shifting, stir, stirringRelated Words dislocation, migration, relocation; locomotion, mobility, motility, motivity; fiddling, fidgeting, squirm, squirming, twitching, wriggling, writhing; flailing, flapping, wavingNear Antonyms immobility; inertia, inertness, stillness; cessation, discontinuance, ending, expiration, finish, halt, lapse, pause, shutdown, shutoff, stop, stoppage, surcease, terminationAntonyms motionlessness


noun, slang

Synonyms and Antonyms of stir

  1. a place of confinement for persons held in lawful custody <the mule had just got out of stir and was being followed by the feds, who had their sights set on the kingpin of the operation> Synonyms bastille, big house [slang], bridewell, brig, calaboose, can, clink [slang], cooler, coop, guardroom, hock, hold, hoosegow, jailhouse, joint [slang], jug, lockup, nick [British slang], pen, penitentiary, pokey [slang], prison, quod [British slang], slam, slammer, stir [slang], stockade, tolbooth [Scottish]Related Words bull pen, cage, cell, hole, tank; block, ward; glasshouse [British], guardhouse, hulk(s); concentration camp, gulag, labor camp, prison camp, stalag, work camp; dungeon, keep, oubliette; reformatory, reform school, training schoolNear Antonyms outside



Synonyms and Antonyms of stir

  1. 1 to cause (as a liquid) to move about in a circle especially repeatedly <the recipe says to stir the mixture carefully until it's properly blended> Synonyms agitate, churn, swirl, wash, whirl Related Words beat, paddle, whip, whisk; reel, shake, wheel

  2. 2 to change one's position <the cat stirred, then opened its eyes and slowly got to its feet> Synonyms budge, locomote, shift, moveRelated Words fiddle, fidget, jiggle, squiggle, squirm, toss, twitch, wiggle, wriggle, writhe; rouseNear Antonyms hang around, remain, stay, stick around, tarry; stabilizeAntonyms freeze, still

  3. 3 to rouse to strong feeling or action <news coverage of the fire stirred many to send donations to a fund for the families who had lost their homes> Synonyms arouse, encourage, excite, fire (up), impassion, incite, instigate, move, pique, rev (up), spark, stimulate, provokeRelated Words fan, ignite, inflame (also enflame), kindle, trigger; activate, animate, drive, energize, galvanize, induce, inspire, key (up), motivate, motive, pump up, quicken, set off, vitalize; abet, ferment, foment, raise, whip (up); anger, enrage, madden, upset; jeer, taunt, tease; aggravate, annoy, bother, exasperate, gall, get, irritate, vexNear Antonyms calm, soothe, subdue, tranquilize (also tranquillize); appease, mollify, pacify, placate

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