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Synonyms and Antonyms of wheel

  1. 1 a rapid turning about on an axis or central point <the wheel of the tape reel> Synonyms gyration, pirouette, reel, revolution, roll, rotation, twirl, spin, whirlRelated Words circuit, circulation, ring, round; coil, curl, curve, spiral, twist, whorl; circle, orbit; eddy, swirl

  2. 2 one of high position or importance within a group <she's a major wheel in that state's Democratic Party> Synonyms big, big boy, big cheese, bigfoot, biggie, big gun, big leaguer, big-timer, big wheel, bigwig, fat cat, heavy, heavy hitter, heavyweight, high-muck-a-muck (or high-muckety-muck), honcho, kahuna, kingfish, kingpin, major leaguer, muckety-muck (also muck-a-muck or mucky-muck), nabob, nawab, nibs, nob [chiefly British], pooh-bah (also poo-bah), big shotRelated Words baron, czar (also tsar or tzar), king, lion, magnate, mogul, prince, tycoon; VIPNear Antonyms inferior, subordinate, underling; mediocrity, obscurityAntonyms lightweight, nobody, nonentity, nothing, shrimp, twerp, whippersnapper, zero, zilch

  3. 3 a series of events or actions that repeat themselves regularly and in the same order <the wheel of time turns: the children are now the parents, and their children have taken their place at the school desks> Synonyms circle, merry-go-round, round, cycle, zodiacRelated Words pattern, syndrome; course, development, progression, run; beat, circuit, loop, ring; rotation, revolution, turn, turnover; chain, sequence, series, string, succession, train

  4. 4 wheels pl  slang  a self-propelled passenger vehicle on four wheels <now that I've got wheels, I can go to the outlet mall> Synonyms auto, automobile, bus, horseless carriage, machine, motor, motorcar, motor vehicle, wheels [slang]Related Words coach, jitney, microbus, minibus, minivan, omnibus, van; convertible, fastback, hardtop, hatchback, notchback, ragtop, sports car, sport-utility vehicle, station wagon, SUV, town car, wagon, woody (or woodie); compact, coupe (or coupé), intermediate, limousine, mini, minicar, sedan, subcompact, V-8; gas-guzzler, land yacht; muscle car, stock car, turbocar; beater, clunker, crate, flivver, jalopy, junker; cream puff; phaeton, roadster, tin lizzie, touring car; hybrid



Synonyms and Antonyms of wheel

  1. 1 to change the course or direction of (something) <wheeled the bike around sharply to see what had fallen off> Synonyms deflect, divert, redirect, swing, veer, turn, whipRelated Words avert, deviate, move, rechannel, shift, shunt, sidetrack, swerve, switch, transfer; swivel, twist, whirl, zigzag; bend, curve, sway; reverse, turn back

  2. 2 to move (something) in a curved or circular path on or as if on an axis <wheeled the bicycle's tires around to see if they were balanced> Synonyms pivot, revolve, roll, rotate, spin, swing, swirl, swivel, twirl, twist, turn, whirlRelated Words screw, unscrew; twiddle; coil, crank, reel, wind; circulate

  3. 3 to move in circles around an axis or center <she wheeled around and around until finally she got dizzy and fell down> Synonyms gyrate, pinwheel, pirouette, revolve, roll, rotate, turn, twirl, spin, whirlRelated Words coil, curl, curve, round, spiral, swirl, twine, twist, wind; circle, circulate, encircle, orbit, ring; pivot, swivel

  4. 4 to turn away from a straight line or course <the highway wheels to the west as it forms an arc that bypasses the city> Synonyms arc, arch, bend, bow, crook, fall off, hook, round, sweep, swerve, trend, curveRelated Words circle, coil, curlicue, curl, loop, spiral; turn, twist, wind; deviate, veerAntonyms straighten

  5. 5 to change one's course or direction <upon hearing the construction workers' suggestive remarks, she wheeled around to glare at them> Synonyms detour, deviate, diverge, sheer, swerve, swing, turn off, veer, turnRelated Words tack, zigzag; double (back), turn back

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