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Synonyms and Antonyms of clunker

  1. 1 a dilapidated old automobile <she drove a clunker because she couldn't afford anything better> Synonyms beater, crate, jalopy, junkerRelated Words flivver, hulk, wreck; lemon

  2. 2 something that has failed <a real clunker, the movie was soon littering the shelves of video stores everywhere> Synonyms bomb, bummer, bust, catastrophe, clinker, failure, debacle (also débâcle), disaster, dud, fiasco, fizzle, flop, frost, lemon, loser, miss, shipwreck, turkey, washoutRelated Words also-ran, disappointment, dog, has-been, near miss; botch, hash, mess, muddle, shambles; nonevent; nonstarterNear Antonyms corker, crackerjack (also crackajack), dandy, jim-dandy, phenomenonAntonyms blockbuster, hit, smash, success, winner

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