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Synonyms and Antonyms of interpose

  1. 1 to act as a go-between for opposing sides <an elder statesman who has interposed a number of times in international conflicts> Synonyms intercede, intermediate, intervene, mediateRelated Words butt in, interfere, intrude, meddle, obtrude, pry, snoop; arbitrate, moderate, negotiate, referee; barge (in), bother; break (in), chime in, cut in; infringe, invade, trespassNear Antonyms stand by; avoid, eschew, shun; disregard, ignore, overlook

  2. 2 to cause a disruption in a conversation or discussion <I hate to interpose, but could you tell me what you meant by that last remark?> Synonyms break in, chime in, chip in [chiefly British], cut in, interrupt, intrudeRelated Words barge (in), bother, horn in; add, contribute, put in

  3. 3 to put among or between others <a solid line of police in riot gear interposed itself between the trade ministers and the crowd of protesters> Synonyms edge in, fit (in or into), inject, insinuate, intercalate, interject, interpolate, insert, intersperse, introduce, sandwich (in or between), work inRelated Words cut in, inlay, inset, install; interfile, interline, lard, weave; cram, shove, thrust, wedge; add, append, attachNear Antonyms eject, eliminate, exclude, expel, extract, withdraw; deduct, detach, subtract; reject

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