Definition of INTRODUCE

to make (one person) known (to another) socially <a friend introduced him to the woman who later became his wife>
Synonyms acquaint, present
to present or bring forward for discussion <after about 20 minutes the moderator introduced a new topic for the debate>
Related Words allude (to), cite, mention, name, refer (to); offer, propose, suggest; air, express, speak (of), talk (about), vent, ventilate; interject, interrupt; debate, discuss, thrash (out or over)
Near Antonyms censor, hush (up), quiet, silence, suppress
to be responsible for the creation and early operation or use of <Luther Burbank introduced the idea of plant breeding, developing over 800 new varieties of fruits, vegetables, grains, and grasses>
Antonyms close (down), phase out, shut (up)
to impart knowledge of a new thing or situation to <introduced everyone to the company's new phone system>
to put among or between others <introduce a new variable to the equation>

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