Synonyms and Antonyms of AIR

a rhythmic series of musical tones arranged to give a pleasing effect <played a lively air on his fiddle>
Synonyms air, lay, song, strain, tune, warble
Related Words descant (also discant); cadence, measure, meter, rhythm; ballad, ditty, hymn, lyric, madrigal
a slight or gentle movement of air <we sailed into the bay on a light air and just in time to enjoy a spectacular sunset>
Synonyms air, breath, puff, waft, zephyr
Near Antonyms calm
a special quality or impression associated with something <Naomi's the only person I know who can wear old jeans and a T-shirt with an air of elegance>
airs pl  a display of emotion or behavior that is insincere or intended to deceive <ever since she joined the country club she's been putting on airs of being too high society for us ordinary folks>
Synonyms act, airs, charade, disguise, facade (also façade), front, guise, playacting, pose, pretense (or pretence), put-on, semblance, show
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