Synonyms and Antonyms of CHARACTER

a written or printed mark that is meant to convey information to the reader <the pictorial characters of the ancient Egyptians had long been a mystery>
Synonyms glyph, icon (also ikon), sign, symbol
a person of odd or whimsical habits <the junk dealer is certainly a character, but he's as honest as they come>
overall quality as seen or judged by people in general <the general character of the business appears to be good>
something that sets apart an individual from others of the same kind <one of the distinguishing characters of mammals>
the set of qualities that make a person different from other people <she regards each of her children as having a distinctive character that should be valued for what it is>
the set of qualities that makes a person, a group of people, or a thing different from others <the basic character of the work requires that an employee be able to work quietly and independently>
a member of the human race <you wouldn't believe what kind of characters hang around the bus station>
Near Antonyms animal, beast, beastie, brute, critter
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