Synonyms and Antonyms of ICON

a person who is the object of extreme or uncritical devotion <Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, the Beatles, and other icons of pop culture>
Synonyms god, hero, icon (also ikon)
a written or printed mark that is meant to convey information to the reader <the player's remote control is very user-friendly as it doesn't use any icons that you haven't seen a million times before>
Synonyms glyph, icon (also ikon), sign, symbol
a visible representation of something abstract (as a quality) <cites Marlene Dietrich as an icon of old-time Hollywood glamour>
a person who is widely known and usually much talked about <a sports bar filled with photos of icons from football, basketball, and baseball>
a two dimensional design intended to look like a person or thing <any icon of the Deity is regarded as blasphemous by adherents of that religion>
Synonyms icon (also ikon), illustration, image, likeness

Variants of ICON

icon also ikon


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