Definition of FIGURE

a character used to represent a mathematical value <no doubt the figures on the price tags at the jewelry store are so small because the zeroes are so many>
Related Words decimal, fraction; cipher; symbol
a line that traces the outer limits of an object or surface <we could gradually see the figure of a ship coming our way through the fog>
a person who is widely known and usually much talked about <figures from the worlds of sport and entertainment will be guests at the White House dinner>
a small statue <painted wooden figures by untrained artists can be quite valuable on today's antiques market>
Synonyms figure, statuette
Antonyms colossus
a three-dimensional representation of the human body used especially for displaying clothes <the museum features a collection of figures strikingly attired in suits of medieval armor>
Synonyms dummy, figure, form, manikin (also mannikin)
Related Words doll
a unit of decoration that is repeated all over something (as a fabric) <upholstered the chair with a fabric embossed with figures of fleur-de-lis>
something that visually explains or decorates a text <the layout editor could have done a better job of getting the figures on the same page as the specific portion of text that they are intended to illustrate>
the amount of money that is demanded as payment for something <a number of the paintings at the auction sold at figures far higher than had been estimated>
the outward appearance of something as distinguished from its substance <the ice sculpture at the banquet was in the figure of an eagle spreading its wings>
the type of body that a person has <Martha has such a slender figure that just about anything looks good on her>
Related Words anatomy, structure
figures pl  the act or process of performing mathematical operations to find a value <a person with a good head for figures>
the outward form of someone or something especially as indicative of a quality <unshaven and dirty, he presents a sorry figure>

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