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Synonyms and Antonyms of number

  1. 1 a character used to represent a mathematical value <asked him to write out the equation in numbers, not letters> Synonyms digit, figure, integer, numeral, numeric, whole number Related Words decimal, fraction; cipher; symbol

  2. 2 a literary, musical, or artistic production <a doomsday novel that turns out to be one of those it-was-all-a-dream numbers> Synonyms composition, opus, piece, workRelated Words classic, magnum opus, masterpiece, pièce de résistance, showpiece; model, outline, sketch; étude; canon, corpus, oeuvre

  3. 3 a performance regularly presented by an individual or group <a modern dance number> Synonyms bit, act, routine, shtick (also schtick or shtik), turnRelated Words signature

  4. 4 a person of no importance or influence <doesn't want to go to some mammoth state university where she would be just a number> Synonyms cipher, dwarf, half-pint, insect, insignificancy, lightweight, morsel, nonentity, nothing, nullity, nobody, pip-squeak, pygmy (also pigmy), shrimp, snippersnapper, twerp, whippersnapper, zero, zilchRelated Words no-name, noncelebrity; least; inferior, mediocrity, obscurity; figurehead, puppet; nonpersonNear Antonyms chief, head, lead, leader; celebrity, luminary, notable, personality, planet, star, superstar; authority, superior; great power, party, powerAntonyms big shot, big wheel, bigwig, eminence, figure, kahuna, kingpin, magnate, nabob, personage, somebody, VIP

  5. 5 an act of notable skill, strength, or cleverness <a stunning gymnastics number that really impressed the judges> Synonyms deed, exploit, feat, stunt, tour de force, trickRelated Words accomplishment, achievement, attainment, coup, success, triumph; adventure; performance

  6. 6 numbers pl  the act or process of performing mathematical operations to find a value <if you believe the president's numbers, we can afford these new programs and still have tax cuts> Synonyms arithmetic, calculus, ciphering, computation, figures, figuring, math, mathematics, number crunching, numbers, reckoningRelated Words addition, division, multiplication, subtraction; calibration, measurement, mensuration; appraisal, assessment, estimation, evaluation, valuation



Synonyms and Antonyms of number

  1. 1 to find the sum of (a collection of things) by noting each one as it is being added <number those apples and tell me how many you have> Synonyms enumerate, count, tellRelated Words add (up), tally, total; calculate, compute, reckon, table, tabulate; check, mark, tick (off); recount

  2. 2 to have a total of <the full-time staff numbers 30 people> Synonyms add up (to), aggregate, come (to), count (up to), amount, sum (to or into), totalRelated Words average, equal, measure, reach; compose, comprise, constitute, make up

  3. 3 to have as part of a whole <is numbered among the great minds of our times> Synonyms carry, comprehend, contain, embrace, encompass, entail, involve, include, subsume, take inRelated Words comprise, consist (of); bracket; have, hold, own, possess; admit, receive; compose, constitute, form, make; assimilate, embody, incorporate, integrateNear Antonyms ban, bar, debar, preclude, prevent, prohibit; deny, refuse, reject; eliminate, except, rule out; lose, mislay, misplaceAntonyms exclude, leave (out), miss out [British], omit

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a division or portion of a pool or whole

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