Synonyms and Antonyms of LOSE

to be unable to find or have at hand <I always lose my keys>
Synonyms mislay, misplace
Related Words forget, miss, overlook, pass over
to fail to win, gain, or obtain <if the team loses this game, they're out of the play-offs>
Synonyms drop
Related Words forfeit
Near Antonyms conquer, prevail (over), triumph (over)
Antonyms nail (down), win
to undergo defeat <she really hates to lose at anything, and inevitably throws tantrums when it happens>
Synonyms bow out, fall
Phrases take the count
Near Antonyms flourish, prosper, succeed, thrive
to get rid of as useless or unwanted <we told the recent grad to lose the flashy shirts and dress conservatively for the job interview>
Synonyms cashier, cast (off), chuck, deep-six, ditch, dump, eighty-six (or 86), exorcise (also exorcize), fling (off or away), jettison, junk, lay by, lose, pitch, reject, scrap, shed, shuck (off), slough (off) also sluff (off), throw away, throw out, toss, unload
to use up carelessly <we lost a good hour while he tried to find his keys>
Antonyms conserve


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