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Synonyms and Antonyms of remove

  1. the space or amount of space between two points, lines, surfaces, or objects <their farm is just a remove of two miles from the town center> Synonyms lead, length, distance, spacing, spread, stretch, wayRelated Words altitude, area, breadth, depth, height, rise, space, volume, width; extension, extent; cast, range, reach, scope, shot, sweep, throw; drop, fall, flight, haul; berth, clearance



Synonyms and Antonyms of remove

  1. 1 to rid oneself of (a garment) <I removed my coat as soon as I got inside> Synonyms doff, douse, peel (off), put off, shrug off, take off Related Words husk, shed; kick (off); disrobe, strip, undress Near Antonyms wear; apparel, array, attire, bedeck, clothe, dress, garb, rig, robe, suit Antonyms don, put on, slip (into), throw (on)

  2. 2 to take away from a place or position <he carefully removed the old manuscript from the shelf> Synonyms clear, draw, take out, withdraw Related Words demount, dislodge; abstract, cut, draw off, draw out, extract, pull; budge, dislocate, displace, disturb, move, shift, transfer, transpose Near Antonyms mount; anchor, clamp, fix, hitch, moor, secure, set; embed (also imbed), entrench (also intrench), implant, ingrain (also engrain), lodge, root; set up, site, situate, stick Antonyms place, position, put

  3. 3 to change the place or position of <please remove that chair to the other room> Synonyms budge, dislocate, displace, disturb, relocate, move, reposition, shift, transfer, transposeRelated Words bear, carry, cart, convey, drive, haul, lug, tote, transmit, transplant, transport; replace, supersede, supplant; alter, make over, modify, redo, refashion, remake, remodel, revamp, revise, rework, varyNear Antonyms anchor, fix, freeze, moor, secure, set, stabilize; embed (also imbed), entrench (also intrench), implant, ingrain (also engrain), lodge, root

  4. 4 to let go from office, service, or employment <voters removed the racist selectman from office the first chance they got> Synonyms ax (or axe), bounce, can, cashier, discharge, fire, muster out, pink-slip, release, dismiss, retire, sack, terminate, turn offRelated Words downsize, excess, furlough, lay off, trim; boot (out), chuck (out), drum (out), kick out, throw out, unseat; separateNear Antonyms keep; reemploy, rehire; contract, subcontract; recruitAntonyms employ, engage, hire, retain, sign (up or on), take on

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February 11, 2016

the holder of an office

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