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Synonyms and Antonyms of altitude

  1. 1 the distance of something or someone from bottom to top <the altitude of the highest mountain in the U.S. is only about two thirds that of the highest mountain in the world> Synonyms height, elevation, inches, statureRelated Words rise; highness, loftiness, tallness

  2. 2 the most extreme or advanced point <a man whose arrogance continues to reach new altitudes> Synonyms depth, extremity, limitRelated Words consummation, epitome, quintessence, ultimate

  3. 3 usually altitudes pl  an area of high ground <the air is thinner at higher altitudes> Synonyms height(s), elevation, eminence, highland, hill, hump, mound, prominence, rise, uplandRelated Words alp, mount, mountain, peak; butte, mesa, plateau, table, tableland; bluff, cliff, crag, precipice, steep, tor; ridge, sierra; dome, sugarloaf; foothill, hillock, hummock, knob, knoll; downsNear Antonyms dale, dell, depression, dingle, glen, hollow, vale, valley; basin, bottom, bottomland, fen, flat, floodplain, plain, tidewaterAntonyms lowland

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