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Synonyms and Antonyms of equal

  1. 1 marked by justice, honesty, and freedom from bias <the basic belief that everyone is entitled to equal opportunity in employment> Synonyms candid, disinterested, dispassionate, fair, equitable, evenhanded, impartial, indifferent, just, nonpartisan, objective, square, unbiased, unprejudicedRelated Words frank, forthright, open, straight, straightforward; balanced, rational, reasonableNear Antonyms deceitful, deceptive, dishonest; arbitrary, unconscionable, unreasonable; jaundiced, unfriendly, unsympathetic; colored, distorted, warpedAntonyms biased, ex parte, inequitable, nonobjective, one-sided, partial, parti pris, partisan, prejudiced, unjust

  2. 2 resembling another in every respect <as far as I can see, except for the high price, the store-brand jacket is equal to the jacket with the designer label> Synonyms coequal, duplicate, same, even, identical, indistinguishableRelated Words akin, alike, analogous, comparable, coordinate, correspondent, corresponding, equivalent, like, look-alike, matching, parallel, similar, such, suchlike, synonymous, tantamountNear Antonyms differentiable, discriminable; divers, miscellaneous, sundry, varied, variousAntonyms different, disparate, dissimilar, distant, distinct, distinctive, distinguishable, diverse, nonidentical, other, unalike, unlike

  3. 3 having the required skills for an acceptable level of performance <looking for someone equal to the challenge of running a large state university> Synonyms able, capable, competent, fit, good, qualified, suitableRelated Words accomplished, ace, adept, experienced, expert, master, masterful, masterly, practiced (also practised), proficient, seasoned, skilled, skillful, veteran; overqualified; prepared, schooled, trained; apt, ready, willing; all-around (also all-round), protean, versatileNear Antonyms inexperienced, inexpert, unseasoned, unskilled, unskillful; unprepared, unschooled, untrained; beginning, green, new, raw, untested, untriedAntonyms incompetent, inept, poor, unfit, unfitted, unqualified

  4. 4 free from emotional or mental agitation <he proceeded, in an equal tone, to recount the terrible events of the day> Synonyms collected, composed, cool, coolheaded, calm, level, limpid, peaceful, placid, possessed, recollected, sedate, self-composed, self-possessed, serene, smooth, together, tranquil, undisturbed, unperturbed, unruffled, unshaken, untroubled, unworriedRelated Words even, even-keeled, steady, well-adjusted, well-balanced; imperturbable, nerveless, unflappable, unshakable; centered, disciplined, equable, self-contained, self-controlled; affable, breezy, devil-may-care, easygoing, happy-go-lucky, laid-back, loosey-goosey, mellow; carefree, nonchalant, unconcerned; assured, confident, self-assured; aloof, detached, dispassionate, indifferent; bovine, impassive, phlegmatic, sober, stolid; relaxed, relieved, tranquilized (also tranquillized)Near Antonyms anxious, bothered, distressed, uneasy, unquiet, unsettled, worried; jittery, jumpy, nervous, restless, skittish, tense; high-strung, unstable, uptightAntonyms agitated, discomposed, disturbed, flustered, perturbed, unglued, unhinged, unstrung, upset



Synonyms and Antonyms of equal

  1. one that is equal to another in status, achievement, or value <a basketball player who truly has no equal in his sport> Synonyms coequal, compeer, coordinate, counterpart, equivalent, fellow, like, match, parallel, peer, rival Related Words analogue (or analog); double, half, mate, twin; associate, colleague, companion, copartner, partner; competitor



Synonyms and Antonyms of equal

  1. 1 to produce something equal to (as in quality or value) <no one has equaled Shakespeare's plays> Synonyms match, meet, tie Related Words beat, better, eclipse, excel, outdistance, outdo, outshine, outstrip, overtop, surpass, top, transcend; amount (to), approach, touch; approximate, keep up, measure up (to), parallel, rival, stack up (against or with)

  2. 2 to be the same in meaning or effect <being confined to home for a whole weekend would equal a death sentence in the minds of a lot of teens> Synonyms add up (to), come (to), correspond (to), emulate, amountRelated Words approach, match, measure (up), meet, rival, touch; connote, denote, express, import, mean, signify, smack (of), spell, suggest

  3. 3 to be the exact counterpart of <in the British system a public school equals an American prep school> Synonyms correspond (to), match, parallelRelated Words blend (with), conform (to), coordinate (with), go (with), harmonize (with); complement, supplement; counterbalance, counterpoise; echo, image, mirror, repeat; add up (to), amount (to), approach, come (to), near; measure (up), partake (of), rival, suggest

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