Synonyms and Antonyms of FAIR

not stormy or cloudy <we prayed for fair weather during our vacation at the beach>
marked by justice, honesty, and freedom from bias <a commanding officer who enjoyed the respect of his soldiers because his decisions were always fair>
following or according to the rules <a hockey player who is respected for his fair play>
of light complexion <fair people tend to sunburn easily>
Synonyms light
Antonyms black, brunet (or brunette), dark, swart, swarthy
having qualities which inspire hope <as long as the team keeps playing as hard as they can, they have a fair chance of winning—no matter what the scoreboard says>
of a pale yellow or yellowish brown color <the abundance of people with fair hair in Scandinavia>
Related Words ocherous (or ochreous); ash-blond (or ash-blonde), blondish, strawberry blonde (or strawberry blond), towheaded; gold, light, white
Near Antonyms black-a-vised, brown, brunet (or brunette), dark, olive, swart, swarthy; black, ebony, raven
very pleasing to look at <generally considered the fairest girl in town, she had no lack of boyfriends>
July 04, 2015
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