Synonyms and Antonyms of RAW

not cooked <you should wash your hands after handling raw chicken>
Synonyms uncooked
Near Antonyms well-done; overdone; baked, boiled, braised, broiled, fried, grilled, heated, roasted, sautéed (also sauteed); burned (or burnt), charred, scorched
Antonyms cooked
being such as found in nature and not altered by processing or refining <raw sugar is honey-colored because the crystals retain cane juices, minerals, and other impurities that haven't been refined out>
Near Antonyms filtered, pure, purified
lacking in adult experience or maturity <recruiters like to say the military turns raw youths into responsible men and women>
marked by wet and windy conditions <the day of the funeral was one of those bleak, blustery, raw winter days that was as gloomy as our spirits>
uncomfortably cool <evenings in those mountains, even during the summer, tend to be a little raw>
Near Antonyms balmy, warm; lukewarm, tepid; heated, warmed
causing intense discomfort to one's skin <bundle up if you're going sailing, as there's a raw wind out there in the bay>
Near Antonyms balmy, gentle, mild, soothing
showing no signs of being under control <a frightening display of raw anger>
Near Antonyms moderate, tempered
lacking or shed of clothing <a private men's health club where it was common for men to swim raw>
Near Antonyms covered, veiled; arrayed, caparisoned, decked (out), rigged (out), tricked (out); vested; decent
Antonyms appareled (or apparelled), attired, clad, clothed, dressed, garbed, invested, robed, suited
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