noun \ˈfēt\

: an act or achievement that shows courage, strength, or skill

Full Definition of FEAT

:  act, deed
a :  a deed notable especially for courage
b :  an act or product of skill, endurance, or ingenuity

Examples of FEAT

  1. a performer known for her astonishing acrobatic feats
  2. an exceptional feat of the human intellect
  3. Writing that whole report in one night was quite a feat.
  4. It was no mean feat.

Origin of FEAT

Middle English fait, fet, from Anglo-French, from Latin factum, from neuter of factus, past participle of facere to make, do — more at do
First Known Use: 14th century

Synonym Discussion of FEAT

feat, exploit, achievement mean a remarkable deed. feat implies strength or dexterity or daring <an acrobatic feat>. exploit suggests an adventurous or heroic act <his exploits as a spy>. achievement implies hard-won success in the face of difficulty or opposition <her achievements as a chemist>.



Definition of FEAT

archaic :  becoming, neat
archaic :  smart, dexterous

Origin of FEAT

Middle English fete, fayt, from Anglo-French fait, past participle of faire
First Known Use: 15th century


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