Synonyms and Antonyms of CONSIDER

to think of in a particular way <I consider him a very good friend>
Synonyms account, call, count, esteem, hold, look (on or upon), rate, reckon, regard, set down, view
Phrases take for
to give serious and careful thought to <carefully considering our options>
Related Words muse (upon), reflect (on or upon), reminisce; analyze, explore, review; conclude, reason; second-guess, speculate (about); brood (about or over), dwell (on or upon), fixate (on or upon), fret (about or over), obsess (about or over); believe, conceive, opine; absorb, assimilate, digest, drink (in)
Near Antonyms disregard, ignore, overlook, slight; dismiss, pooh-pooh (also pooh), reject
to have as an opinion <consider the price too high>
Synonyms allow [chiefly Southern & Midland], conceive, consider, deem, esteem, feel, figure, guess, hold, imagine, judge, reckon [chiefly dialect], suppose, think
to give consideration to (as unexpected circumstances or contingencies) <I had to consider the commute in deciding whether to take the job>
Synonyms consider, factor (in or into), provide (for), regard
Near Antonyms factor (out)
to think very highly or favorably of <her well-considered novels have seldom been best sellers>


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