Synonyms and Antonyms of CONDEMN

to declare to be morally wrong or evil <it is a sign of human progress that slavery, which was once common, is now universally condemned>
Antonyms bless
to express one's unfavorable opinion of the worth or quality of <a report that condemns the working conditions in the factories of many developing countries>
Synonyms blame, censure, condemn, denounce, dis (also diss) [slang], dispraise, fault, knock, pan, reprehend, slag [chiefly British]
Near Antonyms approve, commend, endorse (also indorse), recommend, sanction
Antonyms extol (also extoll), laud, praise
to express public or formal disapproval of <the philosopher's works were once condemned by the church and placed on its list of forbidden books>
Antonyms cite, commend, endorse (also indorse)
to find or pronounce guilty <the accused was condemned by the news media even before the trial began>
Synonyms condemn
Near Antonyms cite, commend, endorse (also indorse); approve, bless, sanction
to impose a judicial punishment on <a stern judge who does not hesitate to condemn a felon to life behind bars>
Synonyms condemn, damn, doom
Near Antonyms pardon, reprieve


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