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Synonyms and Antonyms of bless

  1. 1 to make holy through prayers or ritual <the priest blessed the water, thus allowing it to be used as holy water for various rites> Synonyms consecrate, hallow, sacralize, sanctify Related Words baptize, canonize, spiritualize; chasten, cleanse, lustrate, purify; exorcise (also exorcize), expurgate; commit, dedicate, devote; reconsecrate Near Antonyms defile, desecrate, profane; dirty, foul, pollute, soil, taint, violate; blaspheme, curse, cuss, damn, execrate; cast out, condemn, damn, punish Antonyms deconsecrate, desacralize, desanctify

  2. 2 to proclaim the glory of <bless the name of God> Synonyms praise, carol, celebrate, emblazon, exalt, extol (also extoll), glorify, hymn, laud, magnify, resoundRelated Words adore, belaud, deify, idolize, worship; acclaim, applaud, commend, compliment, hail, renown, salute; chant, cheer, eulogize, rhapsodize; cite; flatter; crack up, recommend, toutNear Antonyms blame, censure, reprehend, reprobate; criticize, reprove; admonish, chide, keelhaul, rebuke, reprimand, reproach; castigate, lambaste (or lambast)

  3. 3 to furnish freely or naturally with some power, quality, or attribute <blessed with a knack for glib conversation> Synonyms endow, endue (or indue), favor, gift, investRelated Words equip, provide, supply; bestow (on or upon), clothe, confer (on), cover; accord, award, grant; empower, enable, enhance, enrich, heighten; bequeath, willNear Antonyms dispossess, divest, strip; deplete, drain, exhaust; skimp, stint

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