Synonyms and Antonyms of INVEST

to cause (as a person) to become filled or saturated with a certain quality or principle <invested the film with his own enthusiasm for the wonders of flight>
Synonyms endue (or indue), imbue, inculcate, ingrain (also engrain), inoculate, invest, steep, suffuse
to furnish freely or naturally with some power, quality, or attribute <a woman invested with the strong desire to make the world a better place>
Synonyms bless, endue (or indue), favor, gift, invest
to outfit with clothes and especially fine or special clothes <a fashion designer who has invested a number of the winners of the best actress award>
Near Antonyms denude, divest, uncover, undrape, unveil
to put into an office or welcome into an organization with special ceremonies <the beloved actor was finally invested as a knight by the queen>
Related Words swear in; consecrate, enshrine; accept, admit, receive, take in; enlist, enroll (also enrol)
to surround (as a fortified place) with armed forces for the purpose of capturing or preventing commerce and communication <the city was mercilessly invested for an entire year, but never fell>
Synonyms beleaguer, blockade, invest, leaguer [archaic]
to surround or cover closely <nightfall invested the land>
Near Antonyms bare, denude, expose, strip


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