Synonyms and Antonyms of SEAT

a place from which authority is exercised <all applications had to be submitted at the county seat for proper processing>
Related Words high command; center, home; capital
the part of the body upon which someone sits <fell down on his well-padded seat>
Synonyms backside, behind, booty (also bootie) [slang], bottom, breech, bum, buns, butt, caboose, can, cheeks, derriere (or derrière), duff, fanny, fundament, hams, haunches, heinie [slang], hunkers, keister (also keester) [slang], nates, posterior, rear, rear end, rump, seat, tail, tail end, tush [slang]
Related Words beam, stern; moon [slang]
a thing or place that is of greatest importance to an activity or interest <a capital that is the seat of culture for the whole nation>
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