noun \ˈhəb\

: the central and most active part or place

: the airport or the city through which an airline sends most of its flights

: the center of a wheel, propeller, fan, etc.

Full Definition of HUB

:  the central part of a circular object (as a wheel or propeller)
a :  a center of activity :  focal point
b :  an airport or city through which an airline routes most of its traffic
c :  a central device that connects multiple computers on a single network
:  a steel punch from which a working die for a coin or medal is made

Examples of HUB

  1. the hub of the city
  2. She was at the hub of all the activity.
  3. All of the airline's coast-to-coast flights pass through its hub.
  4. The spokes attach to the hub of the wheel.

Origin of HUB

probably alteration of 2hob
First Known Use: 1649

Rhymes with HUB


noun \ˈhəb\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of HUB

: the enlarged base by which a hollow needle may be attached to a device (as a syringe)


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