Synonyms and Antonyms of DEEP

extending far downward <lowered their bucket down a deep well> <the ax made a deep cut into the wood>
having a low musical pitch or range <the tour guide had an impressively deep voice>
Synonyms bass, grave, low, throaty
Related Words boomy, tubby; gruff, hoarse, husky, rough, smoky (also smokey)
having an often intentionally veiled or uncertain meaning <one of those deep passages in the Bible that can be interpreted in any number of different ways>
firmly established over time <a deep devotion to obtaining justice for all, even society's most disadvantaged>
having considerable extent <an economist with a deep understanding of the forces that propel the global economy>
Antonyms narrow
having the mind fixed on something <I was so deep in the mystery novel that I didn't hear the doorbell>
not close in time or space <an episode in her deep past that she had never spoken about, even to her husband>
Near Antonyms adjacent, adjoining, contiguous
Antonyms close, near, nearby, nigh
July 29, 2015
indomitable Hear it
incapable of being subdued or conquered
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