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Synonyms and Antonyms of EXTENDED

expressing one thing in terms normally used for another <the word snake in its extended sense refers to a contemptible or treacherous person>
Synonyms extended, figural, metaphoric (or metaphorical), tropical, tropological
Related Words Aesopian (also Aesopic), allegorical, emblematic (also emblematical), symbolic (also symbolical); catachrestic (or catachrestical), sylleptic; euphemistic; nonliteral, veritable
Near Antonyms literal; nonsymbolic
having considerable extent <an extended portion of the valley is now devoted to the growing of grapes for wine>
Antonyms narrow
lasting for a considerable time <I've met her, but I have never had an extended conversation with her>
of great extent from end to end <the two armies clashed along an extended line of battle that stretched for miles>
Synonyms elongate (or elongated), extended, king-size (or king-sized), lengthy
Antonyms brief, curt, short, shortish
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