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Synonyms and Antonyms of exact

  1. 1 being in agreement with the truth or a fact or a standard <maybe I wasn't being very exact when I said I had done it a million times—but it sure seemed like it> Synonyms accurate, bang on [chiefly British], dead-on, correct, good, on-target, precise, proper, right, so, spot-on, true, veraciousRelated Words legitimate, logical, sound, valid; errorless, faultless, flawless, impeccable, inerrant, infallible, letter-perfect, perfect; rigorous, strict, stringentNear Antonyms defective, faulty, flawed, imperfectAntonyms false, improper, inaccurate, incorrect, inexact, off, untrue, wrong

  2. 2 being neither more nor less than a certain amount, number, or extent <the exact number of passengers on that airplane was 147> Synonyms even, flat, precise, roundNear Antonyms approximate, comparative, near, relative; imprecise

  3. 3 following an original exactly <an exact replica of the notorious slave ship Amistad> Synonyms accurate, authentic, faithful, precise, right, strict, true, veraciousRelated Words lifelike, realistic; careful, conscientious, meticulous, punctilious, scrupulous; authoritative; bona fide, genuine, real, veridicalNear Antonyms careless, slack, slipshod, slovenly; erroneous, incorrect, invalid, off, unsound, untrue, untruthful, wrongAntonyms corrupt, corrupted, false, imprecise, inaccurate, inauthentic, inexact, loose, unfaithful

  4. 4 made or done with extreme care and accuracy <the company stresses that its optical telescopes are exact instruments and should not be handled as toys> Synonyms delicate, fine, finespun, hairline, hairsplitting, minute, nice, nuanced, refined, subtleRelated Words nitpicking, quibbling; frivolous, inconsequential, inconsiderable, insignificant, negligible, petty, piddling, trifling, trivial; demanding, exacting, fastidious, finical, finicking, finicky, fussy, meticulous, particular, pickyNear Antonyms apparent, clear, clear-cut, evident, manifest, obvious, open-and-shut, palpable, patent, perspicuous, plain, transparent, unambiguous, unequivocal, unmistakable; broad, indefinite; careless, heedless, incautious, slapdash, slipshod, sloppyAntonyms coarse, inexact, rough

  5. 5 meeting the highest standard of accuracy <in order for the blind to fit properly, we must have the exact measurements of the window> Synonyms accurate, close, delicate, precise, fine, hairline, mathematical, pinpoint, refined, rigorous, spot-onRelated Words correct, right, strict, true; definite, definitive; nice, subtle; careful, fastidious, finical, finicky, meticulousNear Antonyms approximate, round; false, incorrect, untrue, wrong; careless, loose; indefinite, unclear, vague; doubtful, dubious, questionable, unreliable, untrustworthyAntonyms coarse, imprecise, inaccurate, inexact, rough



Synonyms and Antonyms of exact

  1. 1 to ask for (something) earnestly or with authority <every war inevitably exacts the greatest sacrifice possible from some of the nation's best and brightest> Synonyms call (for), claim, clamor (for), command, enjoin, demand, insist (on), press (for), quest, stipulate (for)Related Words ask, plead (for), request, want; cry (for), necessitate, need, require, take, warrant; requisition; impose; badger, dun, harass, houndNear Antonyms give up, relinquish, surrender, yield

  2. 2 to establish or apply as a charge or penalty <vowed to exact a heavy fine from any hockey player engaging in such outrageous behavior on the ice> Synonyms assess, charge, impose, fine, lay, levy, putRelated Words dock, excise, mulct, penalize, tax; extort, shake down, wrest, wring; bleed, fleece, gouge, milk, skin, squeeze; coerce, compel, force; inflict, wreak; set; reapply, reimpose, relayNear Antonyms abate, diminish, lessen; forgive, release; condone, disregard, excuse, gloss (over), gloze (over), ignore, pardonAntonyms remit

  3. 3 to get (as money) by the use of force or threats <that loan shark can be counted upon to exact repayment of his loan by whatever means necessary> Synonyms extort, wrest, wringRelated Words bleed, fleece, gouge, milk, skin, squeeze; cheat, gyp, racketeer, swindle; coerce, compel, force

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