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noun \ˈsēt\

Simple Definition of seat

  • : something (such as a chair) that you sit on : a place for sitting

  • : the part of a chair or other piece of furniture that a person sits on

  • : the part of a piece of clothing (such as a skirt or pair of pants) that you sit on

Full Definition of seat

  1. 1a :  a special chair of one in eminence; also :  the status represented by itb :  a chair, stool, or bench intended to be sat in or onc :  the particular part of something on which one rests in sitting <the seat of a chair> <trouser seat>d :  buttocks

  2. 2a :  a seating accommodation <a seat for the game> <a 200-seat restaurant>b :  a right of sitting <lost his seat in Congress>c :  membership on an exchange

  3. 3a :  a place where something specified is prevalent :  center <a seat of learning>b :  a place from which authority is exercised <the county seat>c :  a bodily part in which some function or condition is centered <the brain as the seat of the mind>

  4. 4 :  posture in or way of sitting on horseback

  5. 5a :  a part at or forming the base of somethingb :  a part (as a socket) or surface on or in which another part or surface rests

by the seat of one's pants
  1. :  using experience and intuition rather than mechanical aids or formal theory

Examples of seat

  1. There were seats for six people at the table.

  2. a car with leather seats

  3. He used the box as a seat.

  4. He couldn't find his seat in the concert hall.

  5. The city recently built a new 1,000-seat theater.

  6. She booked a seat on the next flight to Rome.

  7. The stool's seat is broken.

  8. The chairs have woven seats.

  9. The Democrats gained two more seats in the last election.

  10. She won a Senate seat.

Origin of seat

Middle English sete, from Old Norse sæti; akin to Old English gesete seat, sittan to sit

First Known Use: 13th century

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Simple Definition of seat

  • : to give (a person) a place to sit

  • : to have enough seats for (a certain number of people)

Full Definition of seat

  • transitive verb
    1. 1a :  to install in a seat of dignity or officeb (1) :  to cause to sit or assist in finding a seat (2) :  to provide seats for <a theater seating 1000 persons>c :  to put in a sitting position

    2. 2 :  to repair the seat of or provide a new seat for

    3. 3 :  to fit to or with a seat <seat a valve>

    4. intransitive verb
    5. 1 archaic :  to take one's seat or place

    6. 2 :  to fit correctly on a seat

    Examples of seat

    1. I could seat you here if you wish.

    2. The plans call for a stadium seating 30,000 people.


    First Known Use of seat


    SEAT Defined for Kids



    noun \ˈsēt\

    Definition of seat

    1. 1 :  something (as a chair) used to sit in or on

    2. 2 :  the part of something on which a person sits <a chair seat> <There's a tear on the seat of my pants.>

    3. 3 :  the place on or at which a person sits <Take your seat.>

    4. 4 :  a place that serves as a capital or center <a seat of government>

    seat·ed \ˈsēt-əd\ adjective




    Definition of seat


    1. 1 :  to place in or on a seat <Ushers seated the guests.>

    2. 2 :  to have enough places to sit for <The hall seats 500 people.>

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