Definition of SIT

to rest on the buttocks or haunches <everybody needs to sit down, or no one will be able to see the movie>
Synonyms set [chiefly dialect]
Related Words perch; lounge, slouch, sprawl, squat, straddle
Near Antonyms arise, get up, rise, stand
to cause to sit down <the host had to sit some of the guests on the porch>
Synonyms set down, sit
Related Words ensconce, settle; lay, lie, rest; place, put; recline, repose
to cover and warm eggs as the young inside develop <we didn't want to disturb the hens, as they were sitting>
Synonyms brood, hatch, incubate, sit
Related Words lay, spawn
to occupy a place or location <the large monument that sits at the entrance to the battlefield>
Synonyms be, bear, lie, sit

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