Synonyms and Antonyms of FREE

not being under the rule or control of another <the 20th century saw many African countries become free after many years of European rule>
no longer burdened with something unpleasant or painful <after our son arrived home safely, we were grateful to be free from worry>
not bound, confined, or detained by force <all of the animals in the game preserve are free to roam all over its vast area>
Phrases at large, at liberty
not costing or charging anything <although the museum normally charges admission, on Wednesdays it is free to all>
Phrases on the house
Near Antonyms paid; costly, dear, expensive, high
allowing passage without obstruction <make sure the pass is free before you attempt the trip through the mountains this winter>
Near Antonyms impassable (also impassible); constricted, cramped, encumbered, hampered, hindered, impeded, interfered (with), trammeled (or trammelled); barricaded, blockaded, dammed, gated
not being in a state of use, activity, or employment <this computer terminal is free if you need to use it>
not physically attached to another unit <an arrangement of free columns adds interest to the Greco-Roman sculpture garden>
Near Antonyms adjoining
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