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Synonyms and Antonyms of profuse

  1. pouring forth in great amounts <we received profuse thanks for our efforts> <a profuse rush of water from the collapsing dike> Synonyms copious, galore, gushing, lavish, riotous Related Words abounding, abundant, ample, bounteous, bountiful, liberal, plenteous, plentiful; extravagant, luxuriant; fat, fecund, fertile; free, munificent, openhanded, unsparing, unstinting; excessive, immoderate, redundant; adequate, complete, enough, sufficient Near Antonyms meager (or meagre), niggardly, poor, scant, scanty, spare, sparse, stingy; deficient, inadequate, incomplete, insufficient, lacking, scarce, unsatisfactory, wanting; bare, mere, minimal Antonyms dribbling, trickling

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