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adjective am·ple \ˈam-pəl\

Simple Definition of ample

  • : having or providing enough or more than enough of what is needed

  • : quite large

  • —used to describe a person's (especially a woman's) body as being large in usually an attractive way

Full Definition of ample

am·pler play \-p(ə-)lər\ am·plest play \-p(ə-)ləst\

  1. 1 :  generous or more than adequate in size, scope, or capacity <there was room for an ample garden>

  2. 2 :  generously sufficient to satisfy a requirement or need <they had ample money for the trip>

  3. 3 :  buxom, portly <an ample figure>

am·ple·nessplay \-pəl-nəs\ noun
am·plyplay \-plē\ adverb

Examples of ample

  1. They had ample money for the trip.

  2. The police found ample evidence of wrongdoing.

  3. There is ample parking at the stadium.

  4. You will have ample opportunity to finish the test.

  5. The light in the room is more than ample.

  6. There was room for an ample garden.

  7. an ample serving of pie

Origin of ample

Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Latin amplus

First Known Use: 15th century

Synonym Discussion of ample

spacious, commodious, capacious, ample mean larger in extent or capacity than the average. spacious implies great length and breadth <a spacious front lawn>. commodious stresses roominess and comfortableness <a commodious and airy penthouse apartment>. capacious stresses the ability to hold, contain, or retain more than the average <a capacious suitcase>. ample implies having a greater size, expanse, or amount than that deemed adequate <ample closet space>.

plentiful, ample, abundant, copious mean more than sufficient without being excessive. plentiful implies a great or rich supply <peaches are plentiful this summer>. ample implies a generous sufficiency to satisfy a particular requirement <ample food to last the winter>. abundant suggests an even greater or richer supply than does plentiful <streams abundant with fish>. copious stresses largeness of supply rather than fullness or richness <copious examples of bureaucratic waste>.

Rhymes with ample

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adjective am·ple \ˈam-pəl\

Definition of ample


  1. :  enough or more than enough of what is needed <ample time>

am·ply \-plē\ adverb <amply supplied>

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