adjective \ˈspā-shəs\

: having a large amount of space

Full Definition of SPACIOUS

:  vast or ample in extent :  roomy <a spacious residence>
:  large or magnificent in scale :  expansive <a more spacious and stimulating existence than the farm could offer — H. L. Mencken>
spa·cious·ly adverb
spa·cious·ness noun

Examples of SPACIOUS

  1. <almost all of the guests were able to fit into the spacious living room>

Origin of SPACIOUS

Middle English, from Anglo-French spacioux, from Latin spatiosus, from spatium space, room
First Known Use: 14th century

Synonym Discussion of SPACIOUS

spacious, commodious, capacious, ample mean larger in extent or capacity than the average. spacious implies great length and breadth <a spacious front lawn>. commodious stresses roominess and comfortableness <a commodious and airy penthouse apartment>. capacious stresses the ability to hold, contain, or retain more than the average <a capacious suitcase>. ample implies having a greater size, expanse, or amount than that deemed adequate <ample closet space>.

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