Synonyms and Antonyms of PLUG

to close up so that no empty spaces remain <plugged the hole in the wall with putty>
Synonyms block, bung, dam, pack, plug, stop, stuff
Near Antonyms excavate, hollow (out), scoop (out), shovel
to devote serious and sustained effort <plugged away at solving the math problem>
Near Antonyms break, ease (up), let up, slacken; bum, chill, dally, dillydally, footle, goldbrick, goof (off), hack (around), hang (around or out), idle, laze, loaf, lounge, shirk, slack (off), veg out; bask, loll, relax, repose, rest, unwind; dabble, doodle, fool around, fribble, goof (around), hang, hang about [British], mess around, monkey (around), play, potter (around), putter (around), trifle
to provide publicity for <the actress is giving lots of interviews to plug her latest movie>
Related Words advertise, bark, merchandise (also merchandize), sell; push; acclaim, hail, laud, praise; endorse (also indorse), plump (for), plunk (for) or plonk (for); recommend, review; announce, broadcast, publish
to strike with a missile from a gun <the drug lord plugged the stool pigeon as a lesson for any others who were tempted to talk>
Synonyms drill, gun, plug, pop
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