Definition of SHIRK

to get or keep away from (as a responsibility) through cleverness or trickery <you always try to shirk paying your fair share of the bill by claiming you forgot your wallet>
Synonyms avoid, dodge, duck, elude, eschew, evade, finesse, get around, scape, shake, shirk, shuffle (out of), shun, weasel (out of)
to leave undone or unattended to especially through carelessness <a deadbeat who has been shirking his duty to his family for years>
Synonyms forget, shirk
Related Words slack (off)
Antonyms attend (to), remember
to move about in a sly or secret manner <given the multitude of auditoriums at the multiplex, it's not too difficult for underaged kids to shirk into R-rated movies>
Related Words crawl, creep, edge, inch, worm; ghost, pad, tiptoe

February 27, 2015
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