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Synonyms and Antonyms of play

  1. 1 activity engaged in to amuse oneself <it's such a delight to watch the children in their play> Synonyms dalliance, frolic, frolicking, fun, fun and games, recreation, relaxation, rollicking, sport Related Words gamboling (or gambolling), romping; amusement, diversion, entertainment; hobby, hobbyhorse, pastime; delight, enjoyment, pleasance, pleasure; friskiness, playfulness, sportiveness, wantonness; devilment, devilry (or deviltry), hanky-panky, hob, impishness, jinks, knavery, mischief, mischievousness, rascality, roguishness, waggery; binge, fling, kick, lark, revel, rollick, spree; hilarity, merriment, merrymaking, revelry, whoopee; buffoonery, high jinks (also hijinks), horseplay, tomfoolery Near Antonyms drudgery, labor, work; duty, obligation, responsibility

  2. 2 a written work in which the story is told through speech and action that is intended to be acted out on stage <we'll be putting on a school play using that stage> Synonyms drama, dramatization Related Words interlude, playlet; comedy, comedy drama, docudrama, dramedy, melodrama, monodrama, musical, musical comedy, psychodrama, tragedy, tragicomedy; magnum opus, opus, work; adaptation

  3. 3 an attitude or manner not to be taken seriously <I didn't mean to insult anyone, for it was all just play> Synonyms game, jest, fun, sportRelated Words facetiousness, flightiness, flippancy, frivolity, frivolousness, frothiness, levity, light-mindedness, sillinessNear Antonyms earnestness, gravity, seriousness, soberness, sobriety, solemnityAntonyms earnest

  4. 4 the act or practice of employing something for a particular purpose <the host's sense of humor was obviously in play during the awards ceremony> Synonyms application, employment, exercise, operation, use, usageRelated Words exertion; reuseNear Antonyms disuse, nonuse

  5. 5 a clever often underhanded means to achieve an end <the guy at the bar made an unusually creative play to get her phone number> Synonyms artifice, device, dodge, fetch, flimflam, gambit, gimmick, jig, juggle, knack, trick, ploy, scheme, shenanigan, sleight, stratagem, wileRelated Words bluff, end run, feint; cheating, chicanery, cozenage, craft, crookery, cunning, deception, dupery, duplicity, fakery, jugglery, legerdemain, skulduggery (or skullduggery), subterfuge, swindling, trickery; fraud, gaff, hoax, sham, swindle; blind, front, smoke screen



Synonyms and Antonyms of play

  1. 1 to engage in activity for amusement <told her son that he needed some time to run and play in the yard after his hard work> Synonyms dally, disport, frolic, recreate, rollick, skylark, sport, toy Related Words cavort, frisk, gambol, romp; dabble, trifle; amuse, divert, entertain; delight, please; dabble, fiddle (around), mess around, putter (around); bum (around), dawdle, goldbrick, hang, hang about [British], idle, loaf, lounge (around or about), relax, rest, screw around, slack (off); jest, joke, tease Near Antonyms drudge, labor, plod, plug (away), slave, strain, strive, struggle, sweat, toil, work

  2. 2 to present a portrayal or performance of <played Hamlet in the campus production of the classic> Synonyms do, impersonate, interpret, perform, act, portrayRelated Words depict, dramatize, render, represent; act out, enact, pantomime, playact, role-play, take on; overact, overplay, underplay; ape, clown, ham, imitate, masquerade, mime, mimic, pose (as); star (in); coact, costar

  3. 3 to pretend to be (what one is not) in appearance or behavior <stop playing the innocent, because I know that you were behind that prank> Synonyms act, masquerade (as), personate, impersonate, pose (as)Related Words ape, copy, imitate, mime, mimic, mock, monkey, parody, travesty; perform, portray

  4. 4 to spend time in aimless activity <just played around while we waited for the bus to arrive> Synonyms doodle, fool around, fribble, goof (around), hang about [British], kick around, mess around, monkey (around), fiddle, potter (around), putter (around), trifleRelated Words dally, dawdle, dillydally, hang (around or out), idle, loaf, loll, lounge; clown (around), horse around; diddle (with), tinkerNear Antonyms buckle (down), knuckle down, set (to), settle (down)

  5. 5 to deal with (something) usually skillfully or efficiently <this is how we're going to play the situation> Synonyms address, contend (with), cope (with), field, grapple (with), hack, manage, maneuver, manipulate, negotiate, handle, swing, take, treatRelated Words engineer, finesse, jockey; bring off, carry off, carry out, get off, pull; command, direct, guide, steer; control, micromanage, regulate, run; react (to), respond (to)Near Antonyms botch, bungle, foozle, fumble, goof (up), louse up, mess (up), mishandle, muff, scamp

  6. 6 to risk (something) on the outcome of an uncertain event <figuring that she had little to lose, she played her last few bucks on the state lottery> Synonyms gamble, go, lay, bet, put, stake, wagerRelated Words bid, offer; adventure, chance, hazard, speculate, venture; endanger, imperil, jeopardize

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