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Synonyms and Antonyms of responsibility

  1. 1 the state of being held as the cause of something that needs to be set right <responsibility for the accident lies with the driver who was speeding> Synonyms blame, fault, liability Related Words accountability, answerability

  2. 2 something one must do because of prior agreement <I had the responsibility of closing up the shop at night> Synonyms burden, charge, commitment, devoir, do [archaic], duty, imperative, incumbency, need, office, obligationRelated Words oath, pledge, promise, troth, vow, word; arrangement, prearrangement, setup; compact, contract, covenant, pact, trust; debt, payment, tribute; compulsion, constraint, restraint; must, requirement; coercion, duress, force; appointment, engagement, reservation; burden, onusNear Antonyms grace, postponement, stay; discharge, ease, exemption, release, relief, waiver; loophole; alternative, choice, option, pick, preference, selection

  3. 3 worthiness as the recipient of another's trust or confidence <the newspaper publisher should hire kids of greater responsibility to deliver its papers> Synonyms dependability, dependableness, reliableness, reliability, solidity, solidness, sureness, trustability, trustworthinessRelated Words inerrancy, infallibility; credibility, creditability, creditablenessNear Antonyms doubtfulness, dubiousness, questionableness, shakiness, uncertainnessAntonyms dodginess [chiefly British], unreliability

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