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Synonyms and Antonyms of setup

  1. 1 the way in which something is sized, arranged, or organized <the textbook's setup calls for a list of questions at the end of each chapter> Synonyms arrangement, configuration, conformation, formation, layout, setout, formatRelated Words design, plan, scheme; composition, constitution, getup, makeup; build, construction, structure

  2. 2 the way objects in space or events in time are arranged or follow one another <changed the setup of the living room furniture several times before being satisfied> Synonyms arrangement, array, disposal, disposition, distribution, ordering, sequence, orderRelated Words continuity; precedence, priority; chain, procession, progression, succession; series; aligning (also alining), alignment (also alinement), lining up; design, layout, pattern, structure, systemNear Antonyms confusion, disorder, disorganization, disruption, upset; disconnection, disjointedness

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